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Large Mixed Media Art Journal #1


Large one-of-a-kind (ooak) handmade art journal. This journal is filled with a mixture of pages and papers with my original collage work, drawing, painting, photography, digital art and selected epherma from old books. There are tea dyed, hand dyed papers, Japanese papers, various textiles including handwoven ones, stitching by machine and hand slow stitching. There is plenty of room to add your own artwork, writing and drawing etc. to make this journal your own. Anything goes let your creativity soar.

Flip Through Video:

Cover: Hand Painted Canvas with patchwork, stitching and pieced digital canvas.

Closure: Button closure tab made of a beautiful cork fabric with elastic and bead embellishments.

Measures: Approx, 9" x 6"

Pages: 3 signatures 64 pages (x 2 front and back for 128 pages)not including flip ups and flip outs.

Ships free within the USA.
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